The backwaters in Kerala are a huge network of lakes, lagoons, canal, rivers, rice-paddy fields and villages with fresh water. The lagoons here are almost 4-6 feet below the sea level. The water is a mixture of the salty water from the Indian Ocean and the fresh water from the rivers and the lakes. It is indeed „a land of green magic“ in „God’s own country“.

We reached Alappuzha in almost 2 hours from Fort Kochi. We have reserved a house boat with two double rooms for 2 nights.
Houseboats are hotels that swim on the lagoon. They are made in the traditional Kerala style with thatched roofs covered originally by the coconut leaves that are found here quite in abundance. The new boats are slightly modernized with the cooling system, an air-condition in the sleeping rooms. There’s a semi open space at the front that works like a balcony when the boat moves. But still the boat has very limited resources. But it’s worth an experience in a lifetime. Our one is called „Whispering Waters“.

We boarded the boat almost at midday. When the boat moves through the waters, the magnificent  view on the banks with the lust of greenery is just magical. One is driven away with this green view. The charm of the water and wind takes you away in a different world with in seconds. We could see how the kids started enjoying in couple of seconds. They started running and dancing. We could feel the easiness and calmness in their eyes.
I had never doubted that this trip would bring the utmost happiness to my family. But the harshness of the journey can’t just be described in words. But for this moment, it was indeed for this that we went through these harshness the last few days. I must indeed thank my wife for the calmness, patience and togetherness that she has bestowed upon us in these last days. Without her support it would not have been possible. 

Driving through this breeze of cool water along the lagoons brings you to the serendipities. We could enjoy the togetherness in this beautiful part of the world. Though a couple of friends told us that our kids would not remember these trips and these days. But I believe that this will help them build up a sub-conscious state of memory that will drive them in a way or the other in their future. Also this journey has definitely helped us bring a new bond to our family togetherness. 

We stayed 2 nights and 3 days in this house boat. We all really enjoyed the breeziness and the lovely green atmosphere along with the hospitality of the house boat. Also the food was lovely and amazing.
Apart from the nights, they were pretty harsh with the numerous cockroaches, ants and bugs though the bed and the floor. Susmita, my wife and the kids were pretty tired from the last days of the journey and thus could doze off immediately. I, on the other hand, found it really hard to fall asleep and actually I’m normally the one who can doze off at any conditions. 

The days went pretty smooth. This tour along the backwaters really brought a much awaited harmony among us.
We then left with a heavy heart back to Kochi, which was again almost 4 hours drive.
I’d booked a hotel called „ Once upon the river“ when we were in „Fort Kochi“. The hotel is near to the Airport Kochi. I booked it based upon the recommendations via Internet. The photos were just lovely. We just need to see it in person and are very much looking forward to it.