We knew it would come, sooner or later it would come. It was only a matter of time.
Nepal had till 22nd of March only one confirmed case of corona. I was myself very much puzzled, WHY?
Nepal boarders to China. Corona has been an endemic in China and started in China 3 months ago. Nepal has since then definitely had a lot of Chinese tourists.
Apart from that Nepal shares an open border to India. India has it’s two states- Bihar and UP bordering Nepal. UP has several confirmed corona cases.
Still Nepal has had only one confirmed corona case- apparently a nepalese student from Wuhan, China. He has already recovered and gone back home almost a month ago.
Experts here in Nepal think that there are corona cases among the population but it has not been able to tested. Nepal has, for now, only a capacity of 500 tests per week. But frankly saying these test only help us determine the prevalence. But if there are cases which has not been detected, there still must be the severe cases that should show itself up in the hospitals. But there has not been a single confirmed tested case among the suspicious cases at the hospitals.

But there has been a second confirmed case today, on 23rd of March. Apparently a 19 year old student, a returnee from France on the 17th of march on Qatar Airways via Doha has COVID-19. 

This has certainly sent a chill to the people of Nepal. The government has been trying to track all the people who has had a contact with this patient.
After this the Nepalese government has issued a complete lockdown of the country from 24th of March.
We also had a special meeting among the family members to apply more strict measures to protect the family from oncoming risks. 

Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst…