Being a doctor and a family father myself, I need to take this corona issue seriously. Although there is only a single corona case here in Nepal till this date (18th of March), we have decided for myself and my family, that we will go in a self quarantine.
We’ve thus reduced our steps out of the house completely. In the last four days we have only gone twice outside to get the most necessary things.
Kathmandu has been shutting down. Government has issued a set of suggestions not to leave the house unnecessarily. There’re also mixed thoughts and feelings among the people of Kathmandu. There are a lot of movements for social distancing and quarantine in the social media. Also the streets of Kathmandu seems to be less busier. Also a lot of people not form the city have already left the city.
It is indeed very different when you have a family of two small kids to go into quarantine, but it is not impossible. Also we have not so much space here at home, which makes things a bit harder. But we have been trying our best.
A healthy mind is the most important at this very moment.