The very next day after I arrived, I went to the head office of Turkish airline here in Kathmandu. There were rumors that the flight to Germany from Istanbul had been cancelled.
On arriving there I met couple of Germans who were also trying to get back home. There were still flights to Istanbul but the flights then onwards to Germany were already cancelled for unknown time.
Also a couple had their tickets changed from Qatar Airlines to Air India to Turkish Airlines since all of them had already cancelled their flights. We had no chance of getting back to Germany right now.
Also I felt, it is better to get stranded here in Nepal rather than in Istanbul with the kids. The other reason is that, if we leave Nepal right now, we will not be able to return back to Nepal, since Nepal immigration would not allow us back again, since our children and I are German passport holders.
I feel really bad for my colleagues that I can’t be there to help them in the time of need.
But I do believe that everything has a cause. The time will tell.
Life in the streets of Kathmandu seems to be pretty quite as of today, 18th of March.