After 4 years we are again in Fort Kochi but this time with two of our kids. The hotel has been a lovely place to stay. Subu and Subi are enjoying a lot. The last time they both enjoyed so much was in Chitwan, Nepal. We can experience that both the kids are very comfortable with the nature and quietness. Although it’s hot around here, but the hotel has been a big help because of its calmness.
We enjoyed Fort Kochi this time in a Tuk-Tuk , since walking in the hot sun during the day with the kids is not possible. It was though very hot and tiring.

We came to know a tuk-tuk driver- Mr. Aslam. He is very quite and cheerful, helped us a lot. He has been earning his living with only 10€ per day. And yes I know a lot of people in Nepal and India, who earn less than 10€ per day. But Aslam certainly has a tough job in this heat. Apart from that he has to give 5€ from the almost 10€ earning per day.
In the evening we enjoyed a lovely stroll along the beach, bought some fish and let them cook in the nearby restaurant. There were Nepali boys as cook in those restaurants. The meal preparing was pretty expensive for Indian standards.
On one hand it makes one feel low that there are so many people out there in my homeland earning so less for the work they do. But on the other hand we help them for their living when we choose to hire them. The only thing that sucks me is that, the richer have better opportunities and have better investments, which yield in return more money, the poor remain poor always…

These two nights in Fort Kochi in this posh hotel has helped us revive and regenerate after this tiring journey. For us both, my wife and me, would not be a problem. We have backpacked throughout India and Nepal. But I’ve now learned that the kids need break with nice and cosy places and that is very much necessary in places like Nepal and India where the journeys are very tiring and loud. This has indeed been a lot of help for us for our future projects and travels. 

Tomorrow we leave for the jewel of our journey-to the Kerala Backwaters.