To get to our destination we first need to get to „Kochi“- the harbor city of South-India. We could have flown from Bangalore to Kochi but we needed to visit our family friends. Now the trip to Kochi would be the most hardest part- specially for the kids.
Bus trip first from Vythiri to Calicut. Vythiri is located on the northern part of Kerala to the district of Wayanad. It comprises of mountains and hills. So to get to the southern part to the sea level the bus travel goes along the serpent way through the hills. The kids were tired because of the early wake up, so they slept. The two hours journey with the local bus, but a speedy one, was full of challenges to keep both the kids on the lap because of the mountainous roads.
Once we reached Calicut, we had a break of about 15 minutes and had to change the bus. We then got on the bus to Kochi. It was a hot summer day with a Temperature above 30 degrees. The bus had almost no suspension and thus the journey was a bumpy one. The busy traffic and an inpatient driver added more to the „comfortable“ ride…
Subu and Subi were so tired and finished. This was the second time I was confused myself, if I had not been very harsh with my kids, doing this journey? To that Subi vomited couple of times.
We somehow managed to reach Kochi at 16hrs and then we had to travel to „Fort Kochi“ with the ferry. The ferry ride was a very lovely one with fresh breeze. It took almost 15 minutes to reach „Fort Kochi“ and the ride cost us 8 cents each- imagine 8 cents each!!!
Once in Fort Kochi, we needed to find a stay which would refresh and regenerate my family. To our biggest luck, we found a lovely, cosy hotel with greenery on the banks of the sea, which was just 4 minutes walk away from the ferry station. The hotel was very expensive in compare but it was worth it.
It is a special boon and bond between my wife and me that we are spontaneous. We live in a very simple and easy conditions. Also we are spontaneous and decide everything depending upon the moment- what the need of the moment is. At this moment we needed a regenerating place and this was the perfect boon for our family right now.