The bus station to the south of Bangalore is called satellite bus station. The buses to the southern part of Bangalore start from here. 

It is so interesting for us, my wife and me. We have so many memories here. We learned each other better day by day here, we came here for our honeymoon phase after the marriage and now we are here with both our kids. 

Also the family in Vythiri, a small village in the northern part of Kerala has been our family friend since 2016. We met them in a search of a place to stay for a night and ended up staying for a week. The place has indeed a vital and key role in our life.
The bus travel from Bangalore to Vythiri takes almost 8 hours. The travel is through green and also a national park- the „Bandipur National Park“. But the traffic here is very very harsh and the bus not so comfortable. We somehow managed with the bus travel and reached Vythiri at almost 16hrs. Formerly we had a very tasty tea at „Sulthan Batthery“. 

It is indeed a nice moment to see the family after 4 yrs. Also the family was very happy seeing our 2 children with us. The kids were very much reserved since they are not used to the darker skin of people here in Kerala. For my wife and me, it was one of the best nostalgic moment of our life and the wish to show these friends our kids, the fruits of our love and relationship that had flourished right at this place was just amazing.
Subu developed high fever later in the evening. This was not to be avoided since the kids are not used to the hotter weather and the hectic bus travel. Subi is the more stabile one among both the kids.
We just stayed with the family and enjoyed their hospitality. Also this helped Subigya to regenerate. In 2 days he was again fit and fine. This was only the first part of our journey. The other most important part is again „The Backwaters“, much more in the southern part of Kerala. 

Biding a farewell to the loved ones is always a hard part, also because we don’t know when we see each other. But that is the universal truth when you travel, that you see the best part in the time to come and bid farewell so that one day you see each other again.