The much awaited trip to India has started. All set up for Kathmandu airport for the flight to Bangalore at 14 hrs. All preparations made for now. Life is indeed a journey. This would be the first real trip with my family, apart from Germany and Nepal- the two home countries. 

Bangladesh was cancelled because Subira (Our one year old daughter) got ill. I really hope that nothing goes wrong this time. My In-Laws are accompanying us this time to India. 

We reached Kathmandu airport on time. Airport seems to be vacant due to the ongoing Corona virus issue. For me being in Germany and working as a doctor is more a threat rather than traveling to South-India.
This would be the third time we’re traveling to Kerala, South-India. South-India is one of our favorites. The Backwaters are our destination. 

Checked in at the right time and the flight started good. It is always a challenge to fly with 2 children together. The economy class is itself very congested and then you have an infant with you. The most challenging times are during the serves, not to litter anything with four people on 3 economy seats. Now we are used to it.

The next challenge was the Indian immigration. Indians are always very disturbing when it comes to the immigration matters. Also the corona pandemic had hardened the immigration rules.
But we did managed to come through on time. The Bangalore traffic welcomed us properly.
The other proper welcome were the hotel rooms with cockroaches. Born in the Terai in Nepal these things don’t matter to me a lot, but my companions had a harder time.

We all were so tired that we slept right away. There is a long bus ride to our family friends in Vythiri  tomorrow.