We had promised our son that we would show him elephant. This led us to the southern part of Nepal- in the Terai to the city of Chitwan. Chitwan hosts the biggest national park of Nepal- the “Chitwan National Park”.
Bumpy and dusty road travel of almost 6-7 hours led us to the fertile part of Nepal. We were traveling to a eco-resort, that belongs to one of my friends- Mrs. Bhattarai.
Reaching there at the evening on the 28th of February, we were welcomed by smiling faces and mosquitos. No wonder this was and is still one of the malaria belts in Nepal.
The resort itself is situated on the banks of Rapti river. It was already dark when we arrived, but through a search light we could spot a one-horned rhino only 10m away from us. What an amazing view!
We dozed off as we were all very tired because of the bumpy ride. The evening meal was one of the tasty one we’ve had on this journey to Nepal.
The fog and mist from the river welcomed us the next morning. Birds tweets and the greenery just smoothed all our senses. The kids were so happy, that they would run through the garden all the morning. Also they were so busy playing with the stones. After the busy days during the marriage ceremonies in Kathmandu, we felt that we were in paradise.
After the lovely breakfast, I had organized a canoe ride in the Rapti river. The canoe here is made of a single log and is a very simple boat. It is very low and you are just on the surface of water. Even the kids could feel the water for themselves. On the banks of the rivers we could see a lot of crocodiles sun bathing and among them some swimming on the banks. This is what I’ve dreamt with my children, to be in the nature, show them where I come from, what our values are…
After the canoe ride we visited the two elephants from the neighborhood. They were both females with almost 25 yrs old- very calm and patient. Kids enjoyed being with the elephants and feeding them.
Back at the resort, we just trolled the whole evening in the green garden among the mango, lichee and other tropical trees.
We were again visited by 2 one-horned rhinos in the evening.
The next day we went for a jungle safari together. We spotted a lot of deer, a komodo dragon, some lazy and huge crocodiles, an alligator breeding farm, some monkeys, some huge elephants and a lot of variety of birds.
Enjoyed the evening again with the kids in the green. For the third time a huge one horn rhino visited us in the dark again. We enjoyed the lovely food and the great hospitality once again.
After greeting the foggy morning once again, we enjoyed the lovely milk tea and set off for the bumpy ride once again towards the busy Kathmandu.