We had to cancel our much awaited trip to Bangladesh. We had planned Bangladesh visit between both the marriage ceremonies, from 18th Feb to 26th Feb.
On the very first marriage ceremony, on the 17th of Feb, our daughter Subi started vomiting. We first thought, that it was perhaps because of indigestion, since she was quite active and good. The next day she developed diarrhea and the vomiting continued. She had such a massive attack of gastroenteritis, which made her bed ridden. The only good part in this was that she had a good intake of fluid in the beginning. Later on she refused to intake fluids and eat anything. She was so weak in the following days that she could not move her hand and feet due to the weakness because of the dehydration. She couldn’t even speak.
On the 6th day we took her to the hospital to give her intravenous fluids. Then she started recovering slowly. Thus the trip to Bangladesh had to be canceled and the time between the marriages had to be spent at home taking care of the little one.
When I ought to reflect the time positively, it can be seen a great experience to what can come in between when you travel with small kids. This will certainly help us a lot for our dream project.