After months long preparations, we are bound to Nepal via Istanbul. We’ve been preparing since days and nights for this flight.
After 24 hrs of medical duty, have no words to explain the tireless days and nights of my wife looking after the kids, and the tireless last minute preparations we were lucky to arrive timely at the airport.
The most challenging job this time was the travel with our two small kids- Subigya (3 yrs old) and Subira (1 year old).
The kids were extremely excited. You could see in their eyes and also in their words. Subigya, our son has been in Nepal for 3 times but this is the first time for our daughter Subira.
Flight from Munich to Istanbul was short, but the kids had to be engaged throughout the flight.
The new Istanbul airport is grand and one has to walk a long way from arrival terminal to departure terminal. There are terminal shortcuts. We asked the airport personal, if we could take the shortcuts, since we had 2 small children. The shortcuts are normally for flight transits shorter than 90 minutes. We were first not allowed since our transit time was still almost 2 hours. But eventually the security personal let us go after a long request. In general we would say that the Turkish airport personal were not so friendly. The venting machine for water bottles were also malfunctioning.
The kids were tired and dehydrated, but we did manage to entertain them.
The flight on bound to Kathmandu was long and turbulent. The turbulence above the mountains of Afghanistan were the worst.
Subu slept almost throughout the flight and Subi could be fed and she slept with breaks in between. Since our boy slept almost throughout the whole flight, managing our one year old daughter was not a problem. My wife could take some rest. I, myself was awake since almost 60hrs.
Landing in Kathmandu airport is always a story in itself. Since the traffic in Kathmandu airport is very busy, aircrafts have to circle in the air and then there are these high mountains all around since Kathmandu is a valley. Our son really got scared and for me it was indeed good job to keep my son quiet as the passengers in the plane were being uncomfortable since the landing time was prolonging.
But the captain indeed did a very safe landing. Once in Kathmandu, it always feels so warm and cosy. But the visa procedure did take a longer time than usual, since the system is now changed in Kathmandu airport.

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