I’m a Nepali-German doctor. I was born in Nepal and raised up by my parents in Nepal. At the age of 19, I went to Germany, studied medicine and am currently working in an ICU in a German hospital.
My family (my wife and 2 children) and I came to Nepal for the marriage ceremonies of both my brothers. We had a flight back to Germany on the 19th of March. This was naturally cancelled due to the recent developments regarding the „Corona crisis“.

We are in a self quarantine since 10 days. We started this pretty early, since I as a doctor know what are the right preventive measures. This is the only way to protect everyone at home.
There has been 3 registered cases here in Nepal till now, which has been confirmed by the Government of Nepal. 

The first case was in January, a student who had returned from Wuhan in January. He has been sent back to his daily life after he has recovered. But how come he did not infect other persons??? How come that the elderly who came in his contact did not get infected???
Secondly the young girl, returning from France on the 17th of March must have infected the entire plane??? It’s almost 5 hrs flight from Doha to here in Kathmandu…Also all the passengers in that plane must have had contact to thousands of people???
Thirdly the returnee from Saudi Arabia was also on a 5 hrs plane flight to Kathmandu. He must have infected some persons in the plane? Similarly once here in Nepal, he was not under quarantine. He must have infected others too??? Here too, the passengers of that plane must have had contact to thousands of people till date???

This is my personal feeling that Nepal has already gone through phase 2. Will our Government with very limited resources be able to contact all the persons??? Will they be able to track down all the activities??? Will they be able to manage the epidemic??? What if the outbreak becomes a massive one???
This brings my utmost problem. Me, now being a German citizen and a doctor, I need to return back to my work to help the people and my colleagues in this hour of need. There is an EVACUATION planned through the German embassy in Nepal.

On the other hand, I also think that the outbreak, once there, would hit Nepal very hard. I could be a help at this time of need at least for my family…
It was easier back then in 2015, when the earthquake struck. I came with a team of Germans and could help my fellow people. After that I devoted 1 year to build infrastructures here in Nepal.

And at the end, we can only make the very best of what we have. And here I believe that nothing lies in my hand- what ought to happen will happen at any cost…