We had never thought that the conditions would be so bad in the last time, that within days the situation would drastically change. We stayed 2 nights in the boat house in Alappuzha, Kerala. There we were detached with the outer world.
On Friday the 13th of March, we drove to Kochi from Alappuzha. On arriving at the hotel we had the connection to the outer world via internet.
In these few days things at the immigration in Nepal had hardened up. On-arrival Visa had been cancelled for 6 of the Nations including Germany.
The next update was that all the foreigners entering the country could only enter through the only international airport in Kathmandu. All the land entry points had been locked. The entry would only be permitted when one had a health certificate that proofed one negative of corona infection.

This was basically a blow to us. We had left Nepal for India on the 5th of March. We had been in Nepal from Germany since 15th of February. So we had to get a health certificate to enter Nepal since both my kids and I have German passports. 

In Kochi itself there was no means that we could get a certificate, since it was Friday and also the lab centers allocated by the Government were either in Calicut or Trivandrum, which are respectively more than 300 km away.
I was a bit nervous. There are rare situations in my life, that I’m nervous. Being sent through the army school at the age of almost 8, those 2 decades alone in Germany and my medical career has made me relatively calm. I was nervous not for me but for my family- wife and the two kids. Here I was with them in India. Although we are quite familiar with India, the people and the language, I’ve huge respect for the situations in India, since it can go pretty serious from one moment to the other.
I decided that whatever happens I need not to show any signs of nervousness to my family and the two nights we’ve planned to stay here in Kochi should be used to regenerate from the hard days and also as a preparation for the time to come.
Also Subu, our 3 years old son has been very weak since he had left Germany, since he has completely changed his nutrition and has been merely avoiding that. To keep him well functioning we have allowed him to drink coca cola, so that he has some energy, though he has not been taking proper food. In addition to this he developed fever.
Right now there are two major challenges to me right now. First not to show any signs of tensions regarding the situation and the ongoing illness of the children and to get that medical certificate so that I can bring my family to Nepal with a safe landing.

Two days we recovered in the nature of the lovely resort on the bank of the lovely river in Kochi. We stayed in the room and the hotel throughout the time. Once back to Bangalore on Sunday the 15th of March, we immediately went to the Victoria Memorial Hospital in Bangalore. It is one of the two sites for Corona-tests allocated by the Indian government here in Bangalore.
Life in India is absolute normal since the outbreak of Corona. There have been several cases, almost a hundred, here in India. Once we reached the hospital, we could seen with our own eyes that the hospital doctors only tested very limited cases. All the other cases were just turned down and sent back home. The two conditions were a history of contact with the positive COVID-19 case or a history of recent travel from the affected countries.
We showed them, that we have a German passport and came back from Germany on the 15th of February. In addition to that the kids had similar symptoms of flu with fever, cold and cough. We were directed from one place to the other. Life at the hospital seemed very much normal. People were taking no measures.
Once we told them our background and the symptoms, everyone was very much concerned. The swab tests were taken right away and we were dealt like aliens. My family was already taken in an ambulance to be deported to a quarantine. When I reached back, I had gone to deliver the swabs to the lab, my family were already seated on the back of the ambulance and had been asked several times how long would I take just to deliver the samples. 

Once back were then taken to a different place without any prior information. I felt like a prisoner with no rights. We had no other options rather than follow them right away.
We were taken to another hospital to a department of infectious diseases. We had to undergo a lot of formalities, had to fill up a lot of forms. We were then interviewed by a lady doctor, who was really very polite. After that we underwent some vital tests. This included a fever test and a pulse oximetry test. We were then suggested that we ought to stay in a self quarantine to protect ourselves.
Back at the hotel, we spent the two day just staying in, playing cards and watching Bollywood movies. On the second day we got the test results that both our children and I were negative. Apart to that, they said that my wife’s test were not accurate. They believed that there must have been some irregularities during the procedure of the swab probes taken and that needed to repeat the PCR Test. I needed to call again in the evening. But no one could be reached through the phone in the evening although I tried phoning multiple times.
On the third day I went to the lab myself to collect the report. The lab doctor told that they had some irregularities regarding the test of my wife and that they couldn’t give a report. I was still very much happy, since we three needed the test to get back to Nepal through the immigration. But my wife, who holds a nepalese passport, wouldn’t have any problems getting in.
We were still worried, if our flight from Bangalore to Kathmandu would fly today evening. Things are changing so fast and no body really can predict what would happen in couple of ours. We have nothing than to believe and pray upon it.
We reached Airport pretty early. Once the check in counter was opened, we saw that the flight was completely booked, since all the Nepalese residing in Bangalore were trying to get back. I had pretty early made up my mind that it would be better for me and my family to be stranded in Nepal rather than in India.
Check in, boarding and the flight went smoothly. Once we arrived in Nepal, we were summoned by the immigration authorities, but we were let in without any difficulties once we showed the test certificate.
It is very much interesting how the logic with the authorities work. My family, we traveled from Germany to Nepal together. Also we left to India from Nepal together and have been together all the time. Interesting is that she has the similar history as we have, but still don’t need a certificate?
Still we were very much happy to have been able to re-entry Nepal. It would really have been a disaster, if we were stranded in India. Let’s see how the things develop in the days to come.