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Nach dem größen Erdbeben in Nepal ist die Idee mit dem Blog entstanden, weil ich meine Erfahrungen, Erlebnisse und Gedanken in die Welt hinaustragen möchte.

This blog was started after the great earthquake in Nepal with the thought to share the experiences and thoughts with the wider world.

Fort Kochi and Fort Kochi Hotel

South-India March 2020 Posted on Fri, March 13, 2020 12:32:29

After 4 years we are again in Fort Kochi but this time with two of our kids. The hotel has been a lovely place to stay. Subu and Subi are enjoying a lot. The last time they both enjoyed so much was in Chitwan, Nepal. We can experience that both the kids are very comfortable with the nature and quietness. Although it’s hot around here, but the hotel has been a big help because of its calmness.
We enjoyed Fort Kochi this time in a Tuk-Tuk , since walking in the hot sun during the day with the kids is not possible. It was though very hot and tiring.

We came to know a tuk-tuk driver- Mr. Aslam. He is very quite and cheerful, helped us a lot. He has been earning his living with only 10€ per day. And yes I know a lot of people in Nepal and India, who earn less than 10€ per day. But Aslam certainly has a tough job in this heat. Apart from that he has to give 5€ from the almost 10€ earning per day.
In the evening we enjoyed a lovely stroll along the beach, bought some fish and let them cook in the nearby restaurant. There were Nepali boys as cook in those restaurants. The meal preparing was pretty expensive for Indian standards.
On one hand it makes one feel low that there are so many people out there in my homeland earning so less for the work they do. But on the other hand we help them for their living when we choose to hire them. The only thing that sucks me is that, the richer have better opportunities and have better investments, which yield in return more money, the poor remain poor always…

These two nights in Fort Kochi in this posh hotel has helped us revive and regenerate after this tiring journey. For us both, my wife and me, would not be a problem. We have backpacked throughout India and Nepal. But I’ve now learned that the kids need break with nice and cosy places and that is very much necessary in places like Nepal and India where the journeys are very tiring and loud. This has indeed been a lot of help for us for our future projects and travels. 

Tomorrow we leave for the jewel of our journey-to the Kerala Backwaters.

Vythiri to Kochi

South-India March 2020 Posted on Fri, March 13, 2020 12:31:31

To get to our destination we first need to get to „Kochi“- the harbor city of South-India. We could have flown from Bangalore to Kochi but we needed to visit our family friends. Now the trip to Kochi would be the most hardest part- specially for the kids.
Bus trip first from Vythiri to Calicut. Vythiri is located on the northern part of Kerala to the district of Wayanad. It comprises of mountains and hills. So to get to the southern part to the sea level the bus travel goes along the serpent way through the hills. The kids were tired because of the early wake up, so they slept. The two hours journey with the local bus, but a speedy one, was full of challenges to keep both the kids on the lap because of the mountainous roads.
Once we reached Calicut, we had a break of about 15 minutes and had to change the bus. We then got on the bus to Kochi. It was a hot summer day with a Temperature above 30 degrees. The bus had almost no suspension and thus the journey was a bumpy one. The busy traffic and an inpatient driver added more to the „comfortable“ ride…
Subu and Subi were so tired and finished. This was the second time I was confused myself, if I had not been very harsh with my kids, doing this journey? To that Subi vomited couple of times.
We somehow managed to reach Kochi at 16hrs and then we had to travel to „Fort Kochi“ with the ferry. The ferry ride was a very lovely one with fresh breeze. It took almost 15 minutes to reach „Fort Kochi“ and the ride cost us 8 cents each- imagine 8 cents each!!!
Once in Fort Kochi, we needed to find a stay which would refresh and regenerate my family. To our biggest luck, we found a lovely, cosy hotel with greenery on the banks of the sea, which was just 4 minutes walk away from the ferry station. The hotel was very expensive in compare but it was worth it.
It is a special boon and bond between my wife and me that we are spontaneous. We live in a very simple and easy conditions. Also we are spontaneous and decide everything depending upon the moment- what the need of the moment is. At this moment we needed a regenerating place and this was the perfect boon for our family right now.

Satellite Bus station

South-India March 2020 Posted on Fri, March 13, 2020 12:30:32

The bus station to the south of Bangalore is called satellite bus station. The buses to the southern part of Bangalore start from here. 

It is so interesting for us, my wife and me. We have so many memories here. We learned each other better day by day here, we came here for our honeymoon phase after the marriage and now we are here with both our kids. 

Also the family in Vythiri, a small village in the northern part of Kerala has been our family friend since 2016. We met them in a search of a place to stay for a night and ended up staying for a week. The place has indeed a vital and key role in our life.
The bus travel from Bangalore to Vythiri takes almost 8 hours. The travel is through green and also a national park- the „Bandipur National Park“. But the traffic here is very very harsh and the bus not so comfortable. We somehow managed with the bus travel and reached Vythiri at almost 16hrs. Formerly we had a very tasty tea at „Sulthan Batthery“. 

It is indeed a nice moment to see the family after 4 yrs. Also the family was very happy seeing our 2 children with us. The kids were very much reserved since they are not used to the darker skin of people here in Kerala. For my wife and me, it was one of the best nostalgic moment of our life and the wish to show these friends our kids, the fruits of our love and relationship that had flourished right at this place was just amazing.
Subu developed high fever later in the evening. This was not to be avoided since the kids are not used to the hotter weather and the hectic bus travel. Subi is the more stabile one among both the kids.
We just stayed with the family and enjoyed their hospitality. Also this helped Subigya to regenerate. In 2 days he was again fit and fine. This was only the first part of our journey. The other most important part is again „The Backwaters“, much more in the southern part of Kerala. 

Biding a farewell to the loved ones is always a hard part, also because we don’t know when we see each other. But that is the universal truth when you travel, that you see the best part in the time to come and bid farewell so that one day you see each other again. 

Flight Kathmandu to Bengaluru

South-India March 2020 Posted on Fri, March 13, 2020 12:27:46

The much awaited trip to India has started. All set up for Kathmandu airport for the flight to Bangalore at 14 hrs. All preparations made for now. Life is indeed a journey. This would be the first real trip with my family, apart from Germany and Nepal- the two home countries. 

Bangladesh was cancelled because Subira (Our one year old daughter) got ill. I really hope that nothing goes wrong this time. My In-Laws are accompanying us this time to India. 

We reached Kathmandu airport on time. Airport seems to be vacant due to the ongoing Corona virus issue. For me being in Germany and working as a doctor is more a threat rather than traveling to South-India.
This would be the third time we’re traveling to Kerala, South-India. South-India is one of our favorites. The Backwaters are our destination. 

Checked in at the right time and the flight started good. It is always a challenge to fly with 2 children together. The economy class is itself very congested and then you have an infant with you. The most challenging times are during the serves, not to litter anything with four people on 3 economy seats. Now we are used to it.

The next challenge was the Indian immigration. Indians are always very disturbing when it comes to the immigration matters. Also the corona pandemic had hardened the immigration rules.
But we did managed to come through on time. The Bangalore traffic welcomed us properly.
The other proper welcome were the hotel rooms with cockroaches. Born in the Terai in Nepal these things don’t matter to me a lot, but my companions had a harder time.

We all were so tired that we slept right away. There is a long bus ride to our family friends in Vythiri  tomorrow.