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Nach dem größen Erdbeben in Nepal ist die Idee mit dem Blog entstanden, weil ich meine Erfahrungen, Erlebnisse und Gedanken in die Welt hinaustragen möchte.

This blog was started after the great earthquake in Nepal with the thought to share the experiences and thoughts with the wider world.

Ratmate in Berlin

Ratmate School Project Posted on Thu, May 04, 2017 17:45:56

After a long time, I’m back with my blogs.
Last weekend we were in Berlin to promote the “Ratmate School Project” among the fellow Germans.
It was a good presentation and we got good vibes.
More to the project can be followed at

Construction idea

Ratmate School Project Posted on Sun, June 19, 2016 10:24:19

The construction company “Abari”, who would co-operate with us in building the school in Ratmate, Dhading, would be providing us with the “Know-How” and the techniques to build the school with the “CEB’s-Compressed Earth Bricks”.
Later on, when the school is built, the techniques and the “Know-How” would pass on to the villagers as they would be taught from the very first day.
Also, a committee would be formed in the village itself. This would take care of the machines, that we will hand over to the villagers, once the construction is completed.

Seeds e.V.

Ratmate School Project Posted on Sun, June 19, 2016 10:19:24

We had a gathering of “Sahayog Sansthan- Help organisation” yesterday evening at Bhaktapur to communicate together with our partner organisation Seeds e.V. in Germany. (
Seeds would also be contributing in building the school in Ratmate, Dhading. They had organised a charity dinner programme in Gomaringen, Germany to collect money. This would go in building the school.
I’d like to thank you all once again for helping us for a cause, that would surely change the lives of small children.

Official letter

Ratmate School Project Posted on Thu, June 16, 2016 05:35:57

Yesterday we were able to draft the official letter to the school regarding the re-building of the school buildings to the school committee of the “Shree Ratmate Primary School” in Ratmate, Dhading.
And today the building company- “Abari” would present us the report and the contract papers.
I’d like to thank each and every person for their help, that we could come so far till now.

Survey and soil test payment

Ratmate School Project Posted on Tue, June 14, 2016 06:54:52

We have paid a sum of Nrs. 40.000 to the construction company “Abari” for conducting the survey and soil test for the school project in Ratmate, Dhading.
Ripu and I, were present yesterday to hand over the cheque at the office of “Abari”. The results of the survey and tests would be handed over to us in some days.

Bank account

Ratmate School Project Posted on Tue, June 14, 2016 06:50:52

After a long discussion with our bank, we have been able to open a sub account called as the “Nirman Project” for the rebuilding program of the primary school in Dhading. All the financial transections regarding the “School Project” will be done via this new sub account of the citizens bank, Bhaktapur branch.
Also, this sub account will be managed together by our president- Mr. Rajaram Suwal and Mr. Ripu Mardan Adhikari, who is the key to this project as the school would be built in his home village. He would act as a local co-ordinator too.


Ratmate School Project Posted on Fri, June 10, 2016 05:33:12

Early this month, we all gathered together to finalize the construction plan for the school building in “Ratmate”. The results of the soil test performed would be ready in about 2 weeks.
We also met Mr. Nirpal Adhikari, the CEO of the company “Abari”.
Very much looking forward to the next meeting, when the finalized construction plan with the soil tests would be presented.

Field visit

Ratmate School Project Posted on Sat, May 07, 2016 17:25:22

This coming friday we would be visiting the site of the devasted school in Ratmate, Dhading. This would be my fourth time there. But this time we would be visiting the site with the construction company “Abari”.
The site visit would comprise of the study of the site through engineers and preparing a report. Similarly the samples of the soil would be collected to see if it can be used to build the compressed earth bricks, which would be the basic foundation of the school building.


Ratmate School Project Posted on Mon, April 11, 2016 20:51:20

Abari is a professional construction company that has its
office in Kathmandu. This company builds school, houses in a very ecofriendly
manner and preserves the combination of nature and construction.
I came to know about this group through a German friend of
mine, Mr. Carl Heinz Reinders, who has been a friend to Nepal. He was in Nepal
for the first time in 1981 and worked in one of the remotest part in Nepal
called “Jumla”. He worked there for almost 4 years. After that he worked for
almost 3 more years in Dhading, the same district where we plan to rebuild the
school building again.
Carl-Heinz speaks very good and fluent Nepali. We went
together to Dhading and visited the small village “Ratmate”. This is where we
want to rebuild the devastated school building.
“Abari” has an experience of building several schools and
buildings in Nepal. This organization was established in 2006 and has worked
together with the locals as well as the Government of Nepal in several places
in Nepal. They have also successfully worked in building houses made of earth
and bamboo in several other countries like Bhutan, Ethiopia.
On Monday, April 11, 2016 we visited the office of “Abari”
together with the lads of “Karmanya”. We discussed about our plans and visions
and showed our eagerness to work together with them.
We would be visiting their school building site on the 13th
of April in Kavrepalanchowk. It will be some hours of bumpy ride on the
motorbike, but it will surely be worth it.


Ratmate School Project Posted on Mon, April 11, 2016 20:49:30

We have been constantly meeting with the small NGO named
“Karmanya”. Karmanya in Nepali means dedicated people. And the name talks
itself for the small bunch of these dedicated youths of Kathmandu.
I’ve come to know them through the girlfriend of my smallest
brother. I had taken part in the small charity function organized by this group
couple of months back in Kathmandu. It was a small charity dinner program.
Although it was small but it was organized so beautifully and with much
dedication. That had completely taken my heart away. I was then involved with
this group directly and indirectly since then.
It was not an easy job to choose where we could help after
this massive earthquake. We have limited resources and we need to use them very
good and effective. So we have now decided to build this school building in
“Ratemate” in Dhading district. (See more to this in my blog “Ratmate School”)
“Karmanya” is a small but uprising NGO, formed together by
these dedicated youths. We have been communicating with this organization since
we’ve been back from Dhading in March. We want to work together with
“Karmanya”. There is a win-win situation for both of us. We would both profit
from each other. “Karmanya” would profit that they would have a good project to
uplift their image. We would also profit since we would have an organization
that we can trust. It is important for us since we see this project as a long-term